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Foundation Repairs and Home Additions based in Turner, Maine

From expert foundation leveling to installing new additions, when it comes to improving your home, Dick's Construction does it all! Based in Turner, Maine, our general contractors specialize in all manner of home additions and foundation repairs.

Jacking Camps

Allow us to set and level your camp foundation. This involves straightening the structural integrity of the site. Sometimes, the grounds will erode on one side or the other due to weather conditions, we know how to stabilize the site's structural integrity.

House, Home Additions in Turner, ME

Decks, Garages, and More

We provide a variety of home improvements projects, including new decks, attached garages, or completely new garages. If you are looking for a particular style for your deck or garage, we can show you a number designs suitable to your needs.

For every construction project, we handle the acquisition of the materials and the design process. We also make sure to clean up all the leftover materials once the job is finished. Be sure to check out our before and after images of projects we have done in the past

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